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Project Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Project Time: 30 minutes

Tools and Materials:

Lightweight sheer fabric
Ladder, as needed
Holdbacks or hooks and installation hardware
Screwdriver, as needed
Hand sewing needles and matching thread, as needed


A sheer scarf with knotted rosettes gives a delicately formal elegance to any room. Simple and easy to create, the most important element for achieving this dramatic look is the fabric. Lightweight sheer fabrics with no right or wrong side, such as plain voile, gauze, or organdy work best; heavier fabrics would be too difficult to knot.

When planning the scarf, choose the location of the rosettes wisely because they will highlight any spot at which they are placed. For example, if the valance spans several windows, consider positioning a rosette where each set of windows meets. Or, to focus in on a special piece of furniture or architectural details below the scarf, visualize a rosette at one or both of its lower edges.

Exact overall measurements for the scarf are difficult to calculate because you will be making the rosettes and "swags" and adjusting the folds and drape of the fabric as you hang it over the windows. In addition to an amount of fabric to span, drape, and frame the windows, realize that you will also need approximately an extra yard for each rosette you intend to make. The actual amount for each will, of course, depend on the width and weight of the fabric as well as how tightly you pull the knots while forming the rosette (see below). Before hanging the scarf, install a hook or holdback at each point for a rosette, following the directions that accompany the hardware. If you want to finish the edges of the scarf, a simple rolled hem is sufficient.

Below are directions on how to make a rosette.


1 . Knot Above the Wrist

First, knot a length of fabric on top of your wrist and leave the ends hanging as shown in Figure 1.

2 . Knot Below the Wrist

Then make a knot below your wrist and tighten it. (Fig. 2)

3 . Tighten the Knots and Shape

Lastly, slip the material off your hand and tighten both knots of the rosette a bit more, but don't overdo it. Leave some fullness in the rosette (Fig. 3). As you position the rosette to a hook or holdback, continue to fluff and reshape it until it is the way you want. Arrange the the fabric between rosettes as well.